picture of me

Hi there! My name is Catherine. I'm a junior studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at UC Berkeley. My interests lie in the intersection between machine learning, theoretical computer science, and probability.

This summer, I attended a REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) at ICERM and worked with so many incredible people, special shout out to my group and mentors! I learned a lot of math, how to make sick Beamer presentations, and about the process of writing a paper. But most important of all, after countless weeks of headbanging and doubt, I emerged from the program confident in my ability to learn anything given the time and the Internet. Check out our project website for details.

I also picked up bread making as a quarantine hobby. It brings me back to pre-covid times where my roommate and I would make our way to Cheeseboard, buy a giant loaf of sourdough, slather it with some softened garlic butter, and be completely content.

Just recently I started running. I don't like it (at all). Nevertheless, I'm determined to run a half-marathon once quarantine ends.